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Does Your Restaurant Hood Exhaust Need Some Cleaning

Author: Jason Creation

If you own a restaurant, whether it is large or small, then exhaust system will need regular cleaning if it is to run at optimal level and not be a potential fire hazard. If you want a properly run and well ordered kitchen then it needs to be cool and free of smoke. Exhaust systems need professional cleaning and de-greasing not just for health reasons, but because proper cleaning can extend the life of an exhaust system. Unless your system is properly maintained and serviced, it will restrict the airflow in your kitchen and this is not healthy for your staff and will affect the quality of the food that you serve.

There are certain standards that restaurant owners must adhere to if they are not to fall foul of the fire marshals. If your exhaust system does not conform to NFPA#96 standards then you could risk having your business closed down. As a restaurant owner you are bound to comply with local fire codes and to make sure that your business is a safe working and eating environment for both your staff and your customers.

When you engage someone to clean your exhaust system you should ensure that they provide a professional service that is not sub-contracted out to non-professionals who may not use the latest foaming technology. Hood cleaning is a specialized job and if it is undertaken by non-professionals this could make your system unreliable and a danger to your staff and other restaurant users.

Exhaust systems collect a lot of dust and grease and need hot steam and chemical degreasers that are custom made for the industry. When an exhaust system is not cleaned or is improperly cleaned then you could risk the possibility of a fire that spreads through the system ducts and onto the roof - this sort of incident could not only result in the loss of your business but also in the loss of life.

A professional restaurant exhaust cleaning company will be able to repair leaky ducts and replace worn belts and bearings that might otherwise go unnoticed and result in a fire. A build up of grease in your exhaust system is not just a potential fire risk; it can also do irreparable damage to your whole system. Replacing an exhaust system is a costly business that can be avoided if you have your system professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

A good cleaning company will not just remove the grease that is visible to the eye; they will give everything a thorough overhaul that includes roof top grease removal. The filters on your system have to be thoroughly cleaned as a damaged filter can contribute to grease build up. A professional company will also know that the affluent that is drawn from the filters can be toxic and needs to be disposed of in the proper way.

Exhaust system cleaning is a dirty job that produces a lot of by product. Some companies reduce the amount of toxic by product through the use of bio-degradable cleaning materials that are not only better for your system but are also environmentally friendly. Exhaust systems are a major source of fire hazard in restaurant kitchens and although different systems may require specially tailored cleaning regimens; the fire service recommends that cleaning should take place at the very least, every three months. If you want to please the authorities and keep your restaurant then you should ensure that cleaning takes place on a regular basis.

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Jason Creation has a Dependable Full Service Hood Cleaners and Your Last Call For Quality Hood Service

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Declutter Your House Using Self Storage

Author: Simply Self Storage

Some of the time, when a person is moving or when they are simply rearranging or cleaning their house they may look and feel as though it is very cluttered. This can make a person feel trapped or even make them feel as though they where very mentally cluttered also. There are many other reasons that a person would realize that their place of residence was cluttered just as there are many reasons that they would not want where they lived to be cluttered.

When a person is thinking about trying to have less clutter or get the items that cause clutter elsewhere they may have a hard time letting go of the items because they will feel like to get rid of them they would have to give them away or throw them out. There are other options for all types of items, which can help you to free up space where you live or even in other areas. You are able to store items in self-storage. This way you have access to them if you ever need them and you are able to arrange them in any way you like while being able to add items or take items away.

There are also other ways that a house can be cluttered. For instance, many people will have a boat that they use for only half of the year and the other half it will reside in their garage, from yard or another area where it can not only be very unattractive but can take up space that might have better uses. There are also people who have RVs for when they go on vacations, but do not go on these vacations very often so the RV has to be kept in the garage or in the driveway which can get in the way if you are trying to pull in or out to go to other places. The people who need storage units for their boats or RVs can use boat storage, RV storage or self-storage if they prefer.

Many people prefer to use self storage because you are not only able to arrange your items in any way that you would like but you do not have to trust others with items that are valuable to you or other people who you may decide to share a space with. Another great thing about self-storage is that you do not need to let movers or other people know what it is that you are storing making it much safer for your items and yourself when you are on the premises where your storage rental is.

One of the things that ever person should do before signing a contract for a storage rental, whether it is for short term storage or long term storage, is make sure that the place they are trying to store their items is actually the best place for them and the safest.

Here are some questions you may want to ask the person who is in charge at the time when you visit:

  • Do you have security cameras that have a view of the storage unit I will be renting?
  • Have you ever had any break-ins to storage units in the past?
  • Will I be the only person with access to my storage unit?
  • Has anyone in the past gotten hurt on premises? (if so was is a security guard or a renter?)
  • Is there a staff member on site at all times?

When you make sure the place where your items will be is safe you will be able to be assured that your items will be there for you when you need them or any time you want to check on them or retrieve an item. Any individual who has a storage unit wants to feel like it is safe to check-up on their items and like they can go any time they like without having to be afraid.

When a person is making sure that their house has less clutter it can be because of many different reasons or factors, but as long as you take the correct precautions and realize what a great opportunity it is you are sure to be able to get the job done when using self-storage. In addition, keep in mind if you are trying to find a place to store items that need specific temperatures that you may be in need of a climate control storage, this Is great for wine or other items that can change after periods of time under incorrect conditions.

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Simply Self Storage - What Could be Easier than Simply?

Simply Self Storage is the largest privately owned self storage company in the United States and Puerto Rico. We own and/or operate over 228 facilities with over 16.1 million square feet of storage space.

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Lillian Too''s 168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter Your Home

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5 Fast Cleaning Tips For Home

Author: Sid Green

There’s nothing like walking into a clean room to get a shot of that tranquility. I know it can be hard to keep up with all the cleaning tasks in the house. But there is a way to cut down on the time and energy spent cleaning your home, and that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in these 5 steps to cleaning freedom.

1. Focus Only on One Room

By confining yourself to one room at a time, you effectively break your house down into manageable chunks. Once the job is done in one room you’ll get shot of “accomplishment” wich is a great motivator that really helps when you got to clean the rest of the house.

Enter the room with the mindset that you’re going to clean only that room until your done, resist the urge to clean up other rooms, or zip around the house putting things away; Focus.

2. Pick up the Big Stuff First

All the clutter on the floor; toys, balled up socks, jackets, etc are to be cleaned up first.

Grab a basket or bin and spiral around the room picking up the stuff and tossing it into the basket. Once You have all the clutter in the basket set it outside the room but don’t put that stuff away yet; Remember we’re focusing on one room at a time only.

3. Grab your Cleaning Arsenal

Here’s where you step out of the room to gather your cleaning supplies. The supplies you get depend on the room, so for example if you’re cleaning the living room you might get some window cleaner, duster, vacuum and some furniture polish. The point is to get all your supplies gathered in one trip so you walk back into the room prepared.

I suggest using a bucket to keep all your small cleaning supplies together; convenient to move around and it protects the floor from accidental cleaning product spillage.

4. Cooperate with Gravity

To work with gravity you’re going to clean the highest point first and move your way down. This little tip will save you from going over the same spot more than once. So, dust out all the cobwebs and shelves, then table tops, and crumbs from chairs, letting it all settle onto the floor.

5. Finish the Flooring

Now, Sweep and Vacuum; with all the dust and debris on the floor, you make your final cleaning pass around the room really count.

Yes Sir! Done in half the time and in half the energy; this room is super clean and now your pumped to take on the another in the same way. Go for it.

About the Author:

Sid Green is overly obsessed with efficient cleanliness while being environmentally responsible; it’s kindly creepy, actually. You can get more Cleaning Tips by visiting his blog at and join the Clean Green Revolution.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cleaning Service Supplies: New Green Technologies

Author: John Simmons

If cleaning is your business, you know that you need quality cleaning service supplies in order to do the best job possible. You also know that doing a good job on a consistent basis is the main way of ensuring the productivity of your business. Satisfied customers are repeat customers; and satisfied customers are also likely to spread the word and generate even more business for you. When you add all of these factors together, you see why selecting top-notch cleaning service supplies is essential for your business.

Although there are a number of different types of cleaning service supplies that will be a great help for your business, one which you should consider first and foremost is Eco-Green ®. Eco-Green ® is the best cleaning asset your cleaning service can have, as it provides many benefits with no drawbacks.

You may wonder what could possibly be so great about green cleaning service supplies. There are a number of reasons why Eco-Green ® products are all that they claim to be and more. First, Eco-Green ® cleaning service supplies are the most thorough cleaning agents that money can buy. These products will do an amazing job on every cleaning task that you may have. They will get rid of all kinds of dirt, soil, grease; even chewing gum is no match for the cleaning power of Eco-Green ® chewing gum cleaning service supplies! But while this in itself is certainly a good reason to purchase Eco-Green ® products, their cleaning abilities do not stop there. Eco-Green ® products will cut your cleaning time considerably; because in addition to being thorough, these cleaning service supplies clean without leaving any soapy residue or messes for you to clean up afterwards.

Second, Eco-Green ® products have numerous safety factors which make it clear that these are first-rate cleaning service supplies. One may assume that products designed to work so well on heavy-duty cleaning chores must be made of dangerous substances and toxins; however, Eco-Green ® products are derived entirely from all-natural substances.

The first element of Eco-Green ® products' safety is that they will not damage any surface in any way while still cleaning thoroughly. Eco-Green ® cleaning service supplies are non-toxic, non-caustic, and non-abrasive; making them equally suitable for nearly every task imaginable, from bathroom tile to stoves. Some of our formulas are even safe for fabric.

The next safety factor is that of Eco-Green ® cleaning service supplies' formula being free of any hazardous chemicals, making them completely safe for users. In your cleaning service, you can perform cleaning tasks all day, yet have no ill effects from using Eco-Green ®’s safe formula. Its specially designed solution will not be bothersome to your skin or your eyes. There are no harmful fumes in Eco-Green ®. And, if there are spills, they will not damage your clothing.

Most importantly, as environmentally-friendly, “green cleaning” cleaning service supplies, Eco-Green ® products present no threat to the natural environment. Meeting the standards of both the EPA and OSHA, Eco-Green ® products are safe for the land, air, and waterways, and will not damage the ozone. Being certified readily biodegradable, Eco-Green ® products can be easily disposed of without concern of risk to the environment.

Eco-Green ® is the first product you should put on your list of cleaning service supplies!

We encourage you to review and compare our line of products, and urge you to call us and ask to speak with a Product Specialist if you have any questions or need guidance. Providing you with the best product for your application is our goal!

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For more information on New Eco Green Technologies log on to:

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Green Cleaning At a Glance

Green cleaning refers to the use of products and procedures that reduce health and environmental impacts compared to others used for the same purpose. Green cleaning is about more than just using environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. It is a total cleaning program that includes green cleaning solutions, equipment and procedures.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

One of the greatest benefits of green cleaning is that it creates a healthier indoor environment for Maid Brigade employees, customers and their families. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside a typical home is, on average, 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside – and in extreme cases, 100 times more contaminated – largely because of household cleaners.

By eliminating the use of harsh, toxic chemicals that can cause pollution in your home and damage to the environment, green cleaning promotes a healthier home environment and minimizes the impact to the ecosystem.

Green Cleaning and Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade is the only national residential cleaning company committed to green cleaning. The company uses “green” solutions that are certified by Green Seal for a safe and thorough cleaning, and the equipment and processes it uses follow many Green Seal standards for cleaning services. Maid Brigade’s vacuums are certified through the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Program meeting stringent standards for soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance. Its Green Clean Certified™ system reduces solid waste by utilizing reusable microfiber cloths and concentrated cleaning solutions. The company’s system also eliminates cross-contamination of surfaces and prevents the transfer of bacteria from room to room.

Green Seal Certification

In advance of an established government or third party green cleaning standard for the residential cleaning industry, Maid Brigade has patterned its system on Green Seal’s standard for the commercial cleaning industry (GS-42) wherever applicable. The Green Seal organization has initiated a product eco-labeling program that sets the standard for environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and identifies them as such. Using internationally recognized methods and procedures, they evaluate cleaning supplies based on the following criteria:
(i) Cleans common household surfaces effectively
(ii) Contains no carcinogens or toxins
(iii) Contains no skin/eye corrosives
(iv) Contains minimal Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to reduce harmful fumes
(v) Less likely to cause allergic reactions
(vi) Non-combustible
(vii) Biodegradable
(viii) Contains no aquatic toxins/safe for the water supply
(ix) Contains safe fragrances
(x) Contains no endocrine disruptors, making them safer for people and pets
(xi) Contains environmentally-safe levels of phosphorus
(xii) Uses reduced packaging to minimize impact on landfills and depletion of natural resources.

About The Author-- About Maid Brigade Headquartered in Atlanta, Maid Brigade is a global residential cleaning service with more than 400 franchised service areas operating in the United States, Canada and Ireland. Established in 1979,green cleaning services Merry Maids, house cleaning services Portland,Portland Contact for cleaning services , Portland contract cleaning, Portland domestic cleaning services, maids portland.

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Keeping Your Home Sparkle Clean

An executive feels peaceful and relaxed when he/she enters home after 16hours of hectic work, if kept tidy, serene and airy with fragrance. The teenager gets the atmosphere to study and concentrate if his/her room is in order and well kept. The home maker will have a sigh of relief when she enters the clean, dry, odourless kitchen early in the morning.
The Super-green Clean: Using Microfiber Towels To Clean Almost Anything With Plain Water

All these positive vibrations at home are possible only when the entire house is kept spotlessly clean.. The prerequisites for maintaining the house well are optimum usage of moving space as well as an intelligent arrangement of utility articles. There has to be a system of piling up disposable articles like mineral water bottles, plastic bags, newspaper/magazines etc., Today's modern flat living culture , garbage and kitchen waste are also to be tackled on a day to day basis.

Let us go segment by segment. If we take the Hall, that is, drawing room or living room, the floor to be broomed and mopped every day. Sofa sets, carpets, electronic items like TV, music system etc be vacuum cleaned once in a week. The upholstery and curtains are to be changed once a month, by having another set washed or dry cleaned ready. The ceiling fans, glass windows, mirrors, and glass doors are to be cleaned every week.

The furniture is to be cleaned with dry cloth or with solutions meant for cleaning wooden articles. There is an excellent view across the gardens to the rose parterre and down to the main lawn. The dinning room regularly used for dinner parties and receptions. This room is used for formal luncheons and dinners.

The Drawing Room is used for most official entertaining including important visitors, diplomatic callers and small receptions. The drawing room is one of the most used rooms in the house, hosting many receptions, pre-dinner drinks, and meetings. The Drawing Room is the venue for small receptions, presentations and investitures. It is the central stone hall of the original Residence and is the oldest known European structure in Darwin.

Due to paucity of space in flats, the study room and bedroom will be the same, or used with a two-in-one concept.. In such cases the study part should have more moving space with only furniture and book shelves. The bed covers and pillow covers are to be kept tidy for the sake of hygiene and good atmosphere. Just a wash through washing machine weekly is enough for this. But the entire room to be vacuum cleaned once a fortnight and dusted.

A typical study might contain a desk, chair, computer, and bookshelves. A spare bedroom is often utilized as a study, but many modern homes have a room specifically designated as a study. Such rooms are usually located in a convenient area on the main floor of the house and may be referred to as a den, home office, or library. A study is a room in a house which is used for paperwork, computer work, or reading. Historically, the study of a house was reserved for use as the private office and reading room of a family father as the formal head of a household, but today studies are generally either used to operate a home business or else open to the whole family.

We now move to the very sensitive area, the bathrooms. The toilet, floor and wash basins are to be cleaned on a daily basis. We get many brands of cleaning material and accessories to aid this. The sink and the toilet are to be kept infection free, hence quality disinfectants that do not harm the hands and feet are to be used at frequent intervals for a healthy living. The other general cleaning like dusting the ceiling, wiping the mirrors, window panels, the shoe racks etc are also to be done periodically. In the United States, 'bathroom' commonly means 'a room containing a toilet'. In other countries this is usually called the 'toilet' or alternatively 'water closet'

The kitchen, the homemaker's place of dwelling for 60% of the day deserves special treatment as the healthy survival of the family depends on the quality food that is being prepared from here. The toughest task indeed is the closed cabinets, which will be the paradise for ants, cockroaches and lizards. Cleaning the cabinet with insecticides is a must to prevent them from entering. The cabinet with wooden doors to be cleaned with dry cloth or with solutions which give some additional glow. The counter top and floor to be degreased and wiped/moped every day. The stainless steel vessels and the sink to be washed everyday and wiped. The gas stove, mixie, wet grinder and micro oven to be serviced periodically. The glass doors and windows to be kept tidy by periodical dusting and wiping. The refrigerator/freezer to be cleaned/defrost periodically.

Ground floor flats or independent houses may have the fortune of having small garden/lawn. Upkeep of garden gives immense satisfaction to the owner/ dweller.

Watering the plants on daily basis, removing the cobwebs , weeds etc gets one rich dividend.

Nowadays we get house cleaning materials of high quality in departmental stores and also through direct marketing people. There is a growing awareness among people to use these products and pay more attention on keeping the house sparklingly clean.

There are also professional home cleaning services available in the market. People who can afford can enter into a contract and utilize their services.
Pocket Queen Of Clean Guide To Spot And Stain Removal

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To Remove Rust Stain, Use Any Rust Stain Remover

Rusts make people feel awful especially those who are fond of collecting precious stuff made of metals.It is but a bi product oxide that ruins stagnant elements that are uncared for and unwanted.Sometimes we get the best out of plastic products since it would just require us to apply soap and water.Unlike metals that need extra concern, using a rag alone can handle it all.

It is quite advisable to apply an anti rust coating before painting it for a much excellent result.If it so happens that rusts have already formed in the metal, you can look in the internet a bio-degradable and non-hazardous rust remover jellies.I guess I am going wild about this because I just saw my bike at the back of our house and have been pissed off with the amount of rust that covered its once shiny metal.

At this point, those things that are susceptible to rust stain and how they would be managed and taken care of from this spots of rust will be discussed.We will then discuss here all the causes and possible remedies to this household enemy called Rusts

Clothes, Garments:
It fastened or hold on for a time when this rust stain gets on clothes and garments.These stains then are very hard to take off.Washing these clothes with a detergent powder that we regularly use is time consuming and is not guaranteed that we’ll be able to remove the stain.

Wet clothes when come into contact with rusted metals, catch rust stain easily.If the internal parts of washing machine, iron, hangers and clips or the metal rack have rust, chances are your clothes will get spoiled.

One easy solution is using rust-proofing coat on all metal tools. To remove rust stain, you can use any rust stain remover.Read and follow the instructions shown in the solution’s packaging. Organic stain removers do not do any harm to the substance and remove stain efficiently.


Do you use furnitures made of iron at home?.The iron made inside the furniture that is covered with upholstery should be taken cared of because once rust is formed, it will quickly damage the entire upholstery and furniture as well.Proper attention should be given to furniture’s upholstery because it is not easy to remove and wash those seat covers just like an ordinary cloth.What was left then is a complete changed which is too Unreasonable!

On the lighter side, you can apply a spray based stain remover which would be the fastest solution.Spots of rust stain will randomly appear blurred upon application of the spray based remover.

Getting moist easily is what a carpet is much like to.Carpet Being spread all over the floor it can get damped any time and the moisture is locked inside.

There is a constant contact between the legs of the iron chair or the iron base of a furniture with that of the carpet.The carpet will definitely get stained because of the rust being formed caused by the moistened carpet and the iron part of the furniture touching the carpet.

Curtains exposed near those window sidings, doors, awning or canopy that are all made of metals catch these stains from those rusted metals.
Author Resource:- Exploring for quick and simple remedies to get rid of rust, check out our car rust removal section. See all the multiple variations of rust cleaners and the most trusted concrete rust remover that are guaranteed to be non acidic and cut labor time in half...Never worry about working to hard to remove your rust problem.

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